Unable to use an aar library

I've added this aar library in my build.sbt:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
   "com.google.maps.android" % "android-maps-utils" % "0.3"

and refreshed the IDEA project.

The classes in that dependency cannot be used.
It seems that IDEA is not aware of it.

I think this is a bug.


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After having deleted the .iml file and reimporting again the build.sbt, I've been able to use th
is library.

There are still rough edges, but it is usable.

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Hi David!

The problem was most likely caused by triggering (incorrect) project refresh via the automatic refresh popup message. Simply refreshing the project manually, via the SBT toolbar, would be enough.

By the way, the bug (SCL-6857 New libraries doesn't appear after project refresh via a popup tooltip) is now fixed, so the same scenario should work fine.


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