JetGroovy 1.5.14891 + IDEA 7.0.3 - GrailsNavigtionBar is not working

Hi, I think I also filed this as a bug, but I cannot find it right now:

When I try to use the GrailsNavigationBar on top of the screen, I can generate the controller and the views. When I generate the controller and go the the file (eg UserController), I cannot generate the views anymore: I first have to select the Domain class, and then the views can be generated.

It seems like a small thing to fix, so I was wondering if someone could put some time into it?


PS: The same problem exists for the UserControllerTests: I cannot access/generate them when I'm in the UserTests (also not from the domain): I first have to go to the UserController to be able to generate the test.

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We know about this behaviour, it's just a not very good attempt to observe correct Grails components creation order. It will be altered in next JetGroovy EAP.


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