SBT and creation of artifcats

im new to SBT but have gone throught the Gradle and Maven to get here.  Overall this has taken only a couple of days to get it working so that is the good part. I have a muti-project setup where some directories create jar files and some directories build war files. This seems to work correctly when i do "sbt package" proper things are built.

when i define in IdeaJ that this project is an SBT based, all seems to be loaded. The only problem i see so far is under the Project Setttings, the Artifacts section is blank. Under both gradle and maven, IdeaJ would "figure out" what war files are created and build an artifact entery in the artifacts section of the project for each of the war files in the project. Since this is a new converstion to SBT, without building a new project that is very simple and pulling it into IdeaJ, should I expect the artifacts to be filled in and it is just a setting problem Or is that not complete yet and i'll need to do that on my own until its implemented?

in the project/Build.scala and example line for what defiens what will create a war file instead of the jar:
  lazy val backendprocess = Project(id = "backendprocess", base = file("modules/backendprocess" ), settings = Project.defaultSettings ++ WebPlugin.webSettings)
    .dependsOn(signals, dao_core, dao_mongo_core, gateway, webservice, hibernateutils, businessobjects_core,

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Hi Todd, SBT inegration is still in its initial state, so many major features are still on the way.

Here's an issue in YouTrack so you can monitor progress on the artifacts importing support: SCL-6861.


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