What are the current limitations of the expression evaluation in the debugger?

I'm trying to evaluate expressions in the debugger, and I've faced these limitations:

  • No anonymous functions
  • No access to variables outside the closure

In the Java debugger, I can evaluate virtually any expression.

For me it's important to be able to evaluate any expression.  It shortens a lot the edit/debug/diagnose cycle.


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It's not possible in Java to evaluate anonymous classes. Scala anonymous functions has the same problems. We have some ideas how to do it, but it's really compilcated task and we will not implement it soon. What about access to variables outside clojure it would be great to find example and to create appropriate ticket, we will fix it, because it should be possible to implement.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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There was already a bug report:

Function literals are much more used in Scala than anonymous classes in Java.
And when you start chaining methods whose arguments are funcions literals, is when you need more to evaluate expressions.


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