JetGroovy 1.5 build available in plugin manager

New build version 1.5.14690 is available in plugin manager
Summary of changes from the last 1.5 preview includes:
- this build should be automatically installable from plugin manager for IntelliJ IDEA version 7670 or higher
- references in doc comments are resolved and completed - these references are not yet processed by groovydoc tool, so don't expect generated html contained hyperlinks as of now
- ctrl-mouse shows structural constraints for untyped method parameters
- file structure is corrected
- GRVY-1125: for def'ed fields in interfaces accessors were incorrectly generated by stub compiler
- GRVY-1098: 'def' in derived class should not generate accessors in case there is a final 'def' in super class
- 'debug' paramater in groovy script run configuration
- GRVY-1111: incorrect formatting for arg lists
- GRVY-1047: assignments to vars used inside closures should not be marked as unused
- exceptions fixes

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Recent changes:
- fixed bug with Groovy run configuration on MAC
- GroovyDoc comments support improved
- Fixed NPE on new Grails components creation

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Is this recommended for general use? I.e., how stable / bug-free do you believe it to be?

I've generally found JetBrains early releases to be pretty good, but I also tend to be conservative about new stuff that I don't absolutely need, so I'm curious to know how trouble-free I should expect JetGroovy 1.5 to be at the moment?


Randall Schulz

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Are you still using 1.0 version?

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Yes. In fact, I just upgraded to the latest 1.0 release in the plug-in manager.

In fact, having just restarted, I'm seeing a bit of a catastrophe: It claims a new Facet was detected and one whole module (the biggest one, which contained a Grails application among much more) appears to have been wiped out.

Why did this happen?

Ah. I got the 1.5 release (of JetGroovy), not a 1.0 release.

How can I get my project configuration back?

I'm running IDEA EAP #7718.


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It's pretty stable, so don't expect crashes every now and then:)



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