Overwrite for the closing curly brace of an expression in a GSP


I am editing a lot of GSPs for a Grails project, and I keep running into the following situations:

I type:
<g:hiddenField name="something" />

When I type the final quote mark after the word 'something', the existing quote mark is overwritten and I don't get duplicate quote marks at the end of the word.

However, when I start typing and want to see:
<g:hiddenField name="something" value="${thing.id}" />

Instead I see this:
&lt;g:hiddenField name="something" value="${thing.id}}

And I have to go to the end of the line, press backspace, and then continue on my way.

I'd love to see it such that striking the '}' key at the end of an expression that it would overwrite the existing '}' symbol in the same way that quote marks are overwritten.

Is there any way around this? I like having the closing braces inserted when I'm working with functions and statements, but I really feel foul about it when I'm working with a GSP.

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Ben, we've fixed this nasty problem and changes will be available with next plugin version.


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