Intellij content-assist unable to implement Java Interface in S

After hitting command-I for Implement Methods, the screenshot shows two methods that require being overridden to create a concrete class implementing IRichSpout.
Upon selecting both and hitting OK, nothing happens. The methods are not added to the scala class

enter image description here

Hit OK .. nothing added ..

enter image description here

Update To help diagnose, I had noticed the "override" seems to work. So I made the class extend the NoOpSpout class - and tried to override one of the methods that was unable to be implemented (when extending directly the IRichSpout). This did work!

class DummySpout extends NoOpSpout

class AkkaSpout extends DummySpout { //  BaseRichSpout with IRichSpout {
  override def getComponentConfiguration: util.Map[String, AnyRef] = super.getComponentConfiguration

  override def open(conf: util.Map[_, _], context: TopologyContext, collector: SpoutOutputCollector): Unit =, context, collector)

Notice that the open method now was overridden more or less correctly (some small manual adjustments for the java-to-scala conversion still required).

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