Configuring project with lots of groovy sources

I posted this question in "Community" section, but was told, that here is a place for groovy-related questions

So, reposting:

I have a webapplication project using Spring MVC. I use Groovy for controllers - that's cool, full hotswapping, easy to write, easy to handle xml, fast enough. But there's one major problem. Each application startup lasts long. I have ~300Kb groovy code. The optimistic result for startup is 70-80 seconds. That can be 3 mins, or more if the system is busy. Profiling showed that most of time it spends compiling groovy scripts on startup. And the groovy compiler performance is pretty low.
Maybe I can somehow reconfigure the project to keep groovy compiler from compiling all these 300K every application start?
I have all my scripts in WEB-INF/groovy directory, thus they're not treated as java sources. I instanciate groovy beans using
and constructor-arg for script name

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I don't think we can do anything from the plugin side, it is just the compiler need to be more robust. AFAIK this performance improvement is indeed planned for groovy 1.6.



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