Unable to download latest Jetgroovy plugin

I installed intellij 7.0.2 excited because I haven't downloaded a Jetgroovy plugin in a while. I am trying to update my plugin and it says "downloading plugin" but it never finishes. I went to lunch and let it go for well over an hour and nothing. I've tried many times throughout the day with no success. Any thoughts?

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Network connectivity problem?


If you are at work, then in may be because there is an internet proxy in the way. This can be checked by looking at your internet settings in IE.

If that is case, you'll need to configure idea to use the proxy.


I haven't had this problem before. There appears to be some sort of problem because it is also failing sometimes to download the list of plugins. It might fail a couple times and then download on the third time for instance.

I checked IE and as I expected there is no Proxy. Is anyone else having similar problems?


I've been looking into it and there is nothing funny going on with our network. I'm also able to very quickly download other stuff. But I'm not downloading the Jetgroovy plugin directly from:


And it is dog slow. I'm getting 4-5KB/sec


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