Unit Testing in IntelliJ Selena


Currently I am working with

IntelliJ Version Selena #7364
JetGroovy Plugin 0.1.12084

running under Windows Vista (problem also occurs with Windows XP SP2)

I have discovered more about our IntelliJ problem and tried to explain it with a small movie.

Here is a documentation to my explanation --> http://minsight.googlecode.com/files/jetgroovy-bug.avi

We wrote a very simple POGO and a GroovyTestCase. Whenever we change something within the TestCase Junit fails to execute our test correctly (please see the 'movie'). if we are going to change something in the POGO and run the test again everything turn 'green'.

Can anyone tell me if this is a JetGroovy Plugin bug or am I getting something wrong. Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards,


This is intellij core bug. Please wait for 7.0.2 for a fix.


Hello Eugene

Is there a planned release date for 7.0.2?

Thank you and best regards


I heard something about one or two weeks, but I'm not in IDEA core team anymore, so I cannot give you legitimate information.



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