latest scala plugin on 13 working great

I've been dipping in and out of the 13 EAP for the past few months - sometimes it was good sometimes pretty awful - but at least 12 was a stable known quantity.
But now I've upgraded to 13 .01 and latest plugin         0.26.333 and for the work I'm doing (Akka FSM scala 10.3) the latest version is awesome!
A real pleasure to use.
Maybe I've hit a sweet spot but it's been completely stable and really fast on the editing side and only a couple of false red things.
Anyone who's hanging back on the upgrade I encouage you to give it a try now.

So thanks for the effort!

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Thank you, Tim!
We will try harder to make plugin even more faster and better. So I hope this is just a point of quality, which will increase.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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