Tooltip Insanity


I'm really being driven nuts by the tooltips in Groovy and GSP code. There are far too many of them and they don't seem to have any delay between the cursor entering the portion of code with which they're associated and their appearance. It's driving me nuts trying to edit when they're constantly obscuring the code I want to select with the mouse.

Here are some possible solutions, most desirable first:

1) Selective control over which inspections are enabled
2) Selective control over which inspections produce tooltips
3) Control over the delay before tooltips appear
4) Abilty to disable tooltips entirely (leaving inspections and their right-gutter marks in place)

Please help me out with at least one of these things. Usability is really impaired as it stands.

Randall Schulz


Hello Randall,

FWIW "cannot determine type" highlighting does not have a tooltip in the plugin version I've just uploaded.



Thanks. That will cut quite a bit of clutter.



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