Play 2 views not built/rebuilt, have to use sbt for that


I've simple Play 2 applications in Scala, I make an IntelliJ project using the sbt command "idea withsources=yes" and in IntelliJ create a new play 2 run configuration.

The trouble is that the views do not appear to get compiled.  I can run the application without trouble from an sbt run command.  Once run that way, or indeed after an sbt comile command then I can run from IntelliJ too.  That is, until I do an sbt clean, when the view is lost.

So for example after an sbt clean and an IntelliJ run, I might see for example:

object accounts is not a member of package views.html

This is particularly insidious, because once the project has been built by sbt, I will run it from IntelliJ, but if I then change the view source then that does not get recompiled, but runs as out of date.

This has been the case for some time in Idea 13 EAP and continues today with IdeaU 133.331 & Scala plugin 0.26.335 & Play 2 plugin 0.26.333 .

Could it be that I am doing something in the wrong way, because I don't see anyone else describing this?

Thanks in anticipation


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