"Suddenly" unable to resolve symbol for Groovy class name

JetGroovy has suddenly decided it can't resolve a symbol for a Groovy class that I have defined in a package under a Grails project in src/groovy/]]>. There are several strange things about this problem:

  • I can use the 'code assist' to add the correct import statement for the class, but as soon as the import statement is added it goes 'gray' and indicates the import statement is unused.

  • I'm having no problem using and importing other Groovy files in the same package

  • this problem occurred suddenly -- this class has existed for a while and IDEA/JetGroovy just started complaining.

  • my application is working with this 'unresolved' class, i.e. when I start grails from the command line my app works fine, including method invocations against this class.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.




Two questions:

1) Are you getting any exceptions?
2) Are you getting an overall status indicator at the top of the right gutter (green, yellow or red) or is it blank (grey)?

I'm getting exceptions and no overall status indicator, along with completion failure. It's either the latest EA build (#7549) or the latest JetGroovy (0.1.12269) or an interaction betweeen the two.

By the way, you should indicate which IDEA and JetGroovy build you're running when you report problems.

Randall Schulz


Any specific info on your exception?


I submitted it via "Blame JetGroovy" (http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/GRVY-691) and you closed it almost immediately as "can't reproduce."

For that reason, I haven't bothered submitting more of them.

They do keep coming, though. Just seconds after I clear the exception log, another occurs. And then another, and so on.



I would be delighted to fix this, if you could give me some hints how this can be reproduced.
And a hint for you to prevent this is definitely to try wiping out the caches (java caches and groovy ones). I believe that could help.



I haven't seen any pattern.

(While I don't think it's related, I just had a JVM crash—a "segmentation fault"—and decided to upgrade to the latest JDK. I was running 1.6.0_02.)

I'll try clearing the caches. Could you tell me specifically which caches and where they reside?


Randall Schulz


You could try deleting all caches in idea.system.path which is set in idea.properties


I cleared the caches as described and my problem is resolved. Thanks.

(I didn't notice exceptions yesterday, but found some in the log file. I don't remember the exact time my problem started so I can't easily correlate the log files with the problem. I'm using the latest versions I'm aware of: IDEA 7.0.1 and JegGroovy 0.1.12084)


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