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it was very comfortably to have in the java interface list implemented and goovy implemented class. Also it would be desirable to have a navigation (ctrl alt B) from java to Groovy class which interface implemented ...


As far as I understand you want navigation to super interface, since ctrl-alt-B works in the opposite direction taking you to the inheritors of the class/interface.
Or am I missing your usecase?



1. java-interface have green icon - who implements this interface. at this point, if I click on this icon, I see only Java classes, and do not see goovy-classes
2. but with the same methods icon.
2. for example, in my code I have a field-declaration -
private IMyInterface imyInterfaceImpl;
3. I want to move on to the method that I call. the standard approach for me is to select a method and press ctrlaltb, I get a list of classes that implemented this method. And go to your preferred option.


What version of the plugin are you using? We have implemented this feature some time ago, and if it does not work for you, then it is a rather serisous bug. See the attachment.


Aha, I see. This has been fixed in the last plugin version. This version require IDEA 7530 to function properly.


Am I mistaken, or is #7523 the latest release available?

Addendum: Naturally, within minutes of posting this, #7531 is released.

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