""" Comments don't parse correctly


If I want to format something like "abc" -> "def", where abc and def are key-value pairs for instance, I'd write:

s""""$key" -> "$value""""

However, this parses incorrectly in IDEA, I suspect because it thinks the end of the quoted string is right after value, whereas it should be after value". The code compiles fine.
I suspect the correct regex pattern for the end of a """-string should be:


For instance I tested this in the 2.10.3 REPL:

scala> """aaa""""""
res7: String = aaa"""

I'm using the scala plugin version         0.26.318

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I created an issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/SCL-6352
Actually it works for multiline string, but it doesn't work for interpolated multiline strings.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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