can't type @ in scala files

well, that's my problem. nothing happens. it works in java files as usual, but i can't do it in scala files - i'm using the newest eap of idea and the nightly of the plugin
no exception. i can cut/paste the @ from other files without running into problems and i use the default keymap.
os is windows 8, 64 bit, english language, german keyboard setting
any ideas?


it changes if i set my *windows language* to german - then i can type the @ in scala files. the keyboard layout is set to german in both cases, and it inly affect scala files - not this browser window i am typing the @ in, not java files, not other textfields in idea - just the scala editor is affected.
so i have a workaround, but this is still rather peculiar


Can you attach IDEA log file after such not working typing?

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


there is no change in the log file
however, if i check the keymap and try to assign alt gr + q to an action, idea tells me that i press alt+ctrl+q and that this is already assigned to "create scaladoc stub"
removing that assignment fixes the problem


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