Mistake in writing? JetGroovy and elseif tag...

Hi there,

the tag code completion in the gsp editor doesn't know the tag <g:elseif .../>. It seems to be there is a mistake in writing because the code completion know <g:elseIf .../> instead. Well, it is probably just cosmetic but I just wanted to let you know that. I'm using the current JetGroovy from the SVN.


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Sorry, I don't quite understand. To me those to tag names are the same. Also note that those names are not hardcoded, but taken from respective taglib class names.

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What I meant is the tag naming in the gsp editor in Idea is not concise.

Expected tag in GSP-Editor should be <g:elseif ...></g:elseif>
--> lower case
The JetGroovy plugin displays <g:elseIf ...></g:elseIf>
--> lowerCamelCase as correct
and <g:elseif ...></g:elseif> as unknown and shows it in red.
So I guess it is just a cosmetic problem, right? The tag works only as
<g:elseif ...></g:elseif>. Are you not having the same issue?

Look also here: http://grails.org/GSPTag-+elseif


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