Unit Test reports success from inside Intellij but fails outside it.

I have a simple example:

package edu.mit.broad.prodinf.squid.rep

class FailingTest extends GroovyTestCase {
void testFail() {
assert 1 == 2

I define a test configuration and run the test. The Run window lists the method and says it succeeded.

If I then run the test using Maven -Dtestcase=edu.mit.broad.prodinf.squid.rep.FailingTest test:single, it correctly fails!

See the attached PDF for test outputs.

Any ideas?

Running Selena 7274, Latest groovy plugin, Mac OS X 10.4.10, Java 1.5

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Just discovered that I can run the Groovy test as a Groovy Script and it works as expected.

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Could I have your project to reproduce the bug? (You can email me privately if it is an issue at ven at jetbrains dot com)

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I can't send the project which exhibits this problem.

When I tried to setup a simple project I could not duplicate the problem.


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