Finding multi-level implicits?

Hi there,
I love being able to track down implicits with View->Implicit Parameters and Navigate->Implicit Conversion.  But is it possible to solve the following problem?
Say I have the following code:
    val z = scala.collection.immutable.BitSet(2,4,6) map { _ * 2.0 }

The 'map' method takes an implicit builder factory (CanBuildFrom), which I can easily track down thanks to plugin magic - Ctrl-Shift-P takes me to SortedSet.newCanBuildFrom[A](implicit ord : Ordering[A]).
But then I'm stuck - is there any way I can find out what value is being taken for the implicit 'ord' parameter?


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Hi, Robert,

It's not yet possible (only way is to make something explicit and check next level of implicitness).
However I know this problem and I'm planning to join this two features into single one and to make possible to investigate any level of implicitness...

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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