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Where can I find up-to-date documentation and an up-to-date tutorial for the Scala plugin? The docs at [1] are woefully out of date and do not work with IDEA12. It's not at all obvious how you define a run configuration in respose for pressing opt-shift-f10 (Mac). What application settings are needed? I can get the file in the current edit tab to compile, but not run. Also, In a console, I can type expressions in (e.g., 1+1), but I cannot get the console to execute. Pressing enter only enters a newline.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Okay, I've managed to get my app compiled and running. But one that I'm still puzzling over is how to enter expressions into the Scala console within Idea. I get a prompt when the console opens and the prompt appears, I can enter text but pressing enter only advances the cursor to the next line. I've tried ctrl-enter, shift-enter, cmd-enter, option-enter, etc., but nothing seems to work.

What am I missing here??


This page is really outdated. We are planning to simplify "getting started" process for IDEA 13, and then we will update this page.

As for console Control+Enter should work. To try another shortcut please change it in Keymap. Go Settings -> IDE Settings -> Keymap -> Plug-ins -> Scala -> ScalaConsole.Execute. Change shortcut here and check it.

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.


If you need a guinea pig for testing the docs I am here!

It is realy frustrating that this plugin does not work / or that it is so difficult to set up a working scala project.



We have a page, where we are slowly collecting some documentation about plugin:
Also we started to rework project structure, after that creating and using project with Scala will be much simpler than we have now.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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