error: case classes in scala doesn't need implement equal method

hi, when I type this in intellij idea 12.1.6 and latest plugin for scala available for it...

case class Person(id: Int,name : String)

I get an error from the ide saying ‘class Person must either be declared abstract or implement abstract member ‘equal(that : Any) ….’
notice than the code compile and run well but intellij idea suggest than it is wrong...

my scala version is the 2.10.3 and I'm using the past with linux I didn't had this problem, even with previous versions

thanks so much and hope your help.


Hi nikolay,maybe the problem was I'm using jdk 8 which is ecperimental, I download scala 2.10.2 (originally I was using 2.10 0) and solve the problem..thnks again :)...


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