Creating a simple Hello World app?

I've been trying to report a bunch of bugs in the IntelliJ IDEA, but am getting stopped but just how frustrating it is to create a simple reproducable project without having to go create a bunch of build.sbt/etc files by hand.  Or the src/main/scala, src/test/scala type of sub folders.

This seems really out-dated - when I tried setting up a simple Scala Module I get an error on just "Cannot resolve symbol Seq" on something as simple as val foo: Seq[String] = Seq("bar")

I guess my other option is to just create a template and push/save it to github - but wanted to find out what you guys are doing for this type of thing.

I'm currently using CE 12.1 and the Nightly Leda build.



A lot of people have very similar problems in new project creation. So we are going to simplify new project creation for Scala significantly before IDEA 13 release.
As for SBT project you can try this still experimental plugin (instead of gen-idea):

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Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.


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