Set value and conditional breakpoints


I just started using Scala plugin with IntelliJ 13 (EAP), but could not get the following working in the debugger for scala code.
a) Set value of a variable
b) Conditional breakpoints were not working.
3) Not able to set watch expressoin
4) Source code formatting.

So I wanted to know if those features are supported in the plugin or there is some problem with my setup?


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What versions of Scala plugin and IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP are you using. Right Scala plugin (0.18.35) for 130.1619 I updated just today after long delay, so probably your problems because of incompatibilities.

As for problems with evaluate expression in debugger, In case if you still have problems with right plugin and IDEA versions, please try to reproduce your problems on small example and post issue here:

Source code formatting must be ok.

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.

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InteliJ version Community Edition IC 130.1619
Scala plugin 0.18.34

After updating to 0.18.35 Set value works but conditional breakpoint and watch still doesn't

Here is my code

   var ii:Int = 0;
   for(ii <- 1 to 10)
     print(ii+ "_")

I am not able to set a condition ii>5 on the breakpoint. Setting a watch on ii doesn't work either.



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