Error compiling Scala Compiler project using IntelliJ IDEA

I want to compile scala compiler project using IntelliJ IDEA, and I have followed the instructions provided:

Use the latest IntelliJ IDEA release and install the Scala plugin from within the IDE.

The following steps are required to use IntelliJ IDEA on Scala trunk
- compile "locker" using "ant locker.done"
- Copy the *.iml.SAMPLE / *.ipr.SAMPLE files to *.iml / *.ipr
- In IDEA, create a global library named "ant" which contains "ant.jar"
- Also create an SDK entry named "1.6" containing the java 1.6 SDK
- In the Scala Facet of the "library" and "reflect" modules, update the path in the
   command-line argument for "-sourcepath"
- In the Project Settings, update the "Version Control" to match your checkout

Known problems
- Due to SI-4365, the "library" module has to be built using "-Yno-generic-signatures"

But I will always get error:

scala: No 'scala-library*.jar' in Scala compiler library in repl

when try to compile a module.

Please help! Thanks.

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I can suggest you such options:
1. Ask somebody on scala mailing list is instruction up-to-date. Probably somedody, who use IntelliJ can share this knowledge.
2. Or just use IntelliJ for editing, and SBT for compilation.

I'll ask Pavel (he is responsible for compilation of Scala code in plugin) to check compilation of scala compiler project, but he is on vacation now.

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.


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