Scala Confusion - No Scala Class in New Menu

I just reinstalled IntellJ CE 12.1 and made sure it was a fresh install by removing any previous settings, etc.

I then installed the Scala plugin and created a scala project, etc.

Now when I try to create a new Scala class, all I see in the new menu that is Scala related is Scala Worksheet and Scala Script. I've check the file templates and there are templates for Scala Class, Trait, and Object as well as Script and Worksheet.

How come they don't appear on the New menu?

Also, I've tried to find Scala documentation and it never seems to be right because the screenshots don't match what I'm seeing.


This has happended from time to time. To create a scala class open the menu on an already existing node in the package (eg, an existing class) and you will see the Create Scala entry.


This is a brand new project, so there is no existing class.


Well, that makes it a bit tricky. You could of course first create a java class and then a scala class and then delete the java class...


Hi, I checked source code, and there are two possibilities of this bug (actually I wasn't able to reproduce it)
1. Scala Facet is not available for your module. (just add Scala Facet to module)
2. Some platform bug. (I can't reproduce it, so I need to add some diagnostic code, then we will probably find the solution). In this case I need an issue, where we will be able to discuss how to fix it (you can create it here:

Best regards,
Alekdandr Podkhaliuzin.


I faced this issue when i created my first scala project with sbt built. Clicking "Reimport All sbt Projects" fixed the issue.


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