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Thanks for releasing the preliminary version of the SBT Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

I have a (minor) question about the project name: suppose that I gave a name to the project "xyz" (name := "xyz")  and then imported it in IntelliJ IDEA (auto-import flagged).

If I later rename the project in the SBT file (e.g. name := "abc") is the change reflected in the IDE?

Can the project name change create issues at the current stage of the plugin?


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Hi David,

Сhanging project name is not a big deal per se (we can do this anytime via Project Settings). However, there's a bug in the current version of SBT plugin that prevents project name changes during auto-import (yet, re-import updates project name correctly). I've created an issue in YouTrack.

Thank you for the report!


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