Build version numbers confused

0.13.283, which looks like it should be part of the 0.10 series was posted.

Also, what's the difference between 0.10 and 0.11? Is 0.11 stable-ish yet?

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First number is branch number. Second number is build number.
13 - stable branch for releases
14 - trunk for IDEA 12
15 - 13th branch compatible with IDEA 13

Every month I merge trunk to stable branch and increasing every branch number by 3. Build number is left the same.

13 is way ahead of 10, because it contains commits for whole month.
11 was trunk and it's almost the same as 13 for now, but we have additional time for 13th branch to increase stability before updating it to

Play plugin is now part of the same build configuration, so build number have the same strategy.

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Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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