Compiler options when importing a Maven project


I have a Maven project with the following Scala compiler configuration:


When I imported the Maven project into IntelliJ I went into Project Structure -> Modules -> <my project> -> Scala and all of the compiler option checkboxes were unchecked. I checked the appropriate ones and added "-feature" in "Additional compiler options". However, I have set the project to autoimport every time the POM changes, and every time that happens the compiler options get unchecked. Is there a way of setting up the POM file so the compiler options are actually imported? Or perhaps so that the dependencies are imported but the compiler options are not reset?


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The Scala plugin considered only plugin/configuration elements during project import. That is now fixed.

You can either move <args> element into the plugin/configuration element, or wait for the next plugin nightly build.

Thank you for the report!


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