Post announcement when switching to 13 EAP?

I am assuming that the Scala plugin will eventually switch over to the
version 13 EAP. At the moment, I'm just ignoring the 13 EAP update
popups, but could you please post an announcement in the discussion
group when you start posting builds for the EAP?

Thank you,


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We already posting builds for IDEA 13 EAP. For example the latest plugin for IDEA 13 is 0.12.12.
Currently there is no differences between IDEA 13 and IDEA 12 Scala plugin versions. We just not investing into IDEA 13 version testing, so this is less stable. There is no nightly builds program for IDEA 13 too. And IDEA 13 is less stable as well. So currently there is no reasons to use IDEA 13 EAP for Scala development.
But any differences in IDEA 12 and 13 branches will be announced in release posts in our blog (

Best regards,
Aleksandr Podkhaliuzin.


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