Introduction to UI plugins & examples?

Hi, I'm new to plugin development and am looking to work on something for IntelliJ community edition. The impact of the plugin would involve UI elements such as highlighting or icons to the side of the text editor, but I can't find much in the way of good tutorials or examples for this. The 'main types of plugins' page I found linked to the Background Image plugin which is very old and I can't even get to work, hardly useful to learn from.


So far I've managed to boot up a plugin that adds a do-nothing option to one of the existing menus, but I haven't found a good source on how to create the effects I want in the editor.


Additionally, anything on reading from the editor or a configuration file in the project would be appreciated.

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"Icons on the side of the text editor" can be provided in various ways. One is Annotator, see, another (Related)LineMarkerProviderDescriptor.

Many samples can be found in IJ Community Edition sources itself. If you give more specific use cases, we can point you to the relevant places.

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I'm mostly trying to learn getting a plugin doing anything at all! Specifically, my first goal is to make a plugin that reads a file in the project directory, then highlights words in the editor that matches words in the file, and can be toggled on or off with an icon in the UI. I'd also like to learn how to manipulate settings of my plugin, letting the user customise the delimeter between words in the file from the UI.

I mostly learn from examples, and finding up-to-date examples of IntelliJ plugins has proved difficult - the community edition source itself can be useful for some specific function calls, but being such a big program doesn't serve as a self-contained example of getting simple actions to integrate.


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