Scala Documentation is missing?


I have downloaded and installed Scala 2.10.1 on my MacOS box. And, pointed this to Intellij 12. All is working well, but I am getting this error:

Library 'scala-library': invalid javadoc root

Furthermore, under scala-library -> Javadocs, it is showing "SCALA_HOME/doc/scala-devel-docs/api" is marked with RED.

Can you please tell how I can get this? I have downloaded scala docs from scala distribution site, but there is nothing in it with this name pattern (no scala-devel-docs/api there).


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For Ctrl+Q (quick documentation) you just need to attach to your library sources.
Javadoc section is required for external documentation in browser, this is not supported yet.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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