Pycharm 2006.1.x consumes too much memory - barely usable

Please check the picture ... 

Pycharm 2016.1 and 2016.1.2
OS: Ubuntu - 8 Go RAM - 

Do I need to downgrade to Pycharm 5?

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The same without pycharm ... 



I see more memory being used in the first image, but nothing alarming. It still shows more than 4gb free and no swap usage.

Looks like the CPU is being hammered by Xorg & Java though. 

The new 2016 Pycharm has some optimized packages, but they have to be installed separately on Linux. I remember seeing it listed in one of the last few updates. I'm not sure if that would help. I'm currently running pycharm on win10 (remote centos interpreter) and they're installed with windows automatically.

I have a feeling it looks like a mix between Java and Xorg. I believe if you don't have a decent graphics card on the box set up, it has to use the CPU for everything. But that's not going to change between pycharm 5/2016.

Check out this link: When I was hopping between kde, windows & mint I ended up having to try out different versions of java. One comes provided with some versions of pycharm, but there is the open source version, closed source and then different versions. I had to play with a few to find which was most stable/performant. 

Also since I wasn't a big java user, I made sure it was tied directly to pycharm as a standalone and not shared across my whole computer. 


Thanks , interesting. I reinstalled the version 5 and I don't have any problem. I'll check the link but as soon as installed the 2016 version my machine was unusable.



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