Scala compiler difficult to use

As background,  I am comfortable to configure scala and/or sbt on the command line: have been doing so 2.8, 2.9, 2.10 for couple of years..  I can compile either way and with/without fsc.

But here in Intellij i just do not understand what is going on: specifically :
    how to configure internal vs external compiler
    for both modes, where are actual command lines and options being executed? how do i tweak them?

E.g.  presently I have Project |Settings  IDE settings | Scala the "Run compile server in external mode) is UNCHECKED.

  But when I go to Project | Settings | Compiler Scala it shows "Nothing to show here in external build mode"

When I go ahead and try to compile my project, i am getting stopped cold due to deprecation warnings that are being treated as errors.  I have no idea where to look / what to do to turn off the -deprecation (since I don't even know where/which scala command is being executed.

Is there a clear documentation on these items - pls point to them.  Thanks!

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Here are useful liks related to project/compiler configuration:

The internal/external compiler selector is “Use external build” checkbox in Project Settings / Compiler page
(you may need to press OK and re-open the Settigs dialog after the mode switch to properly update configuration sections).

Both basic and additional Scala compiler options are located in Scala facets.

Current compiler configuration UI is rather obscure, mainly because of the combination of internal/external compiler modes with different toolchains.  In future, it's likely that the internal compilation mode will be deprecated so it will simplify the UI.


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