which source to use to build the plugin for IntelliJ 12.0.x (and not 12.1 EAP)

What branch/tag of the Scala plugin should be used to build a version of the Scala plugin that is compatible with IntelliJ Ultimate 12.0.x? I can't use the 12.1 EAP release because it is currently incompatible with the Python plugin, but I need to backport a fix to the Scala plugin in this pull request (https://github.com/JetBrains/intellij-scala/pull/26). The branches on GitHub are master, 123, IDEA-X, Nika, and jps. Master is for 12.1 and the other branches don't seen to be applicable to 12.0.x.

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123 branch is for IDEA 12.0.x

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