Scala script headers not parsed correctly - workaround tips

  I am back to an issue with the script header is not parsed properly.  With the following header, the entire file is treated as if header.
Basically the trailing !#  that signifies the end of the script header is not detected/parsed properly by IJ.

#!/bin/bash -v

export SCALA_HOME="/shared/scala-2.9.2"

export PROJDIR="/shared/classint"

export LIBS=/$PROJDIR/libs

export CLASSES=$PROJDIR/target/classes

export CLASSPATH="$LIBS/mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar:$SCALA_HOME/lib/*:$CLASSES"


export SCALA_SRC=$PROJDIR/src/main/scala

export JAVA_SRC=$PROJDIR/src/main/java


which scala

scala -version

cd /shared/

exec scalac -d $CLASSES -classpath $CLASSPATH $SCALA_SRC/com/admobius/appcrawler/*.scala

exec scala -classpath $CLASSPATH $0 $@


// begin scala code..

So .. is there any workaround to get the script header to be recognized and parsed properly?  
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Hey i found another workaround by trial and error.

by adding quotes to one of the command line parameters, it seems to have triggered the scala parser to do the right thing

exec scalac -d $CLASSES -classpath $CLASSPATH "$SCALA_SRC/com/admobius/appcrawler/*.scala"

NOte that appears to be a bug in IJ, should not be necessary to add those quotes. But.. in any case at least this works now - the rest of the file is being parsed properly.

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