No compiler bundle in Scala 2.10-RC3, how to configure compiler?

Hi all:

I am trying out Scala 2.10-RC3 and trying to get it working with IDEA (both 11 and 12).

There is no "compiler-bundle" that includes scala-library with 2.10.  When I set scala-compiler as the compiler library and try to compile IDEA gives me an error

"Please, adjust compiler library in Scala facet: no scala-library*.jar found."

I do have scala-library as one of the libraries in my project.

Do I need to create a compiler-bundle jar manually?



It seems like scala-compiler-bundle isn't a real thing, even for older versions of Scala.  For example, in my other projects I have the compiler library set to scala-compiler-bundle (2.9.2) but that jar doesn't actually exist.

What's up?


Got it working by
1. Removing the Scala facet
2. Adding Scala Framework support again, setting the compiler and library from a local install of Scala 2.10.0-RC (not Maven).
3. Choosing the compiler library from that local install.



You don't need to remove Scala facet.
You should have two libraries:
For classpath: scala-library.jar, scala-reflect.jar.
For facet: scala-library.jar, scala-reflect.jar, scala-compiler.jar.

So library for facet you should choose in facet settings. And library for classpath you should add to module dependencies. It's important to have them the same (Scala compiler is not working with different scala-library.jar for compilation). That's all you need to define compiler.

One day in IDEA Facet configurations will be removed, then in Scala plugin we will implement something more simple and native for configuration.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


Right - what I should have done was created a new IDEA library with the 2.10 scala-compiler.jar and scala-library.jar and used that for the facet, replacing the 2.9 "scala-compiler-bundle" that was there previously.   I forgot/didn't realize that you could create an IDEA library with multiple jars.



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