5.948 it's getting really sluggish

I don't know if this is because my project has a lot of included libraries or because my code has a fair few implicits, but intellij is seeming very slow these days. For example pasting a few lines into a source file will send the system into a whirl of cpu activity and lock me out for 10+ seconds - making cut and paste really frustrating.

This is on a notebook running i7-2630QM with 8gb ram running intellij with these vm options


  • External Libraries
  • < 1.7 >
  • cc.spray_spray-base_1.0-M2
  • cc.spray_spray-can_1.0-M2
  • cc.spray_spray-client_1.0-M2
  • cc.spray_spray-io_1.0-M2
  • cc.spray_spray-server_1.0-M2
  • cc.spray_spray-util_1.0-M2
  • ch.qos.logback_logback-classic_1.0.0
  • ch.qos.logback_logback-core_1.0.0
  • com.google.guava_guava_r09
  • com.googlecode.classgenerator_classgenerator_0.6.4
  • com.googlecode.concurrentlinkedhashmap_concurrentlinkedhashmap-lru_1.2
  • com.googlecode.mapperdao_mapperdao_1.0.0.rc13
  • com.thoughtworks.paranamer_paranamer_2.3
  • com.typesafe.akka_akka-actor_2.0.3
  • com.typesafe.akka_akka-slf4j_2.0.3
  • com.typesafe_config_0.3.1
  • commons-dbcp_commons-dbcp_1.4
  • commons-logging_commons-logging_1.1.1
  • commons-pool_commons-pool_1.5.4
  • joda-time_joda-time_1.6.2
  • org.clapper_grizzled-slf4j_2.9.2_0.6.9
  • org.javassist_javassist_3.16.1-GA
  • org.jvnet_mimepull_1.6
  • org.objenesis_objenesis_1.2
  • org.parboiled_parboiled-core_1.0.2
  • org.parboiled_parboiled-scala_1.0.2
  • org.scala-lang_scala-library_2.9.2
  • org.scala-tools.time_time_2.9.1_0.5
  • org.scalastuff_scalabeans_0.2
  • org.scalaz_scalaz-core_2.9.2_6.0.4
  • org.slf4j_slf4j-api_1.6.4
  • org.specs2_specs2-scalaz-core_2.9.2_6.0.1_test
  • org.specs2_specs2_2.9.2_1.9_test
  • org.springframework_spring-asm_3.1.2.RELEASE
  • org.springframework_spring-beans_3.1.2.RELEASE
  • org.springframework_spring-core_3.1.2.RELEASE
  • org.springframework_spring-jdbc_3.1.2.RELEASE
  • org.springframework_spring-tx_3.1.2.RELEASE
  • postgresql_postgresql_9.1-901.jdbc4
  • sbt-and-plugins
  • scala-2.9.2

I am not using type-aware highlighting.

I am currently registering about 1 second of cpu time per second of working  (quite a lot goes in parallel) - but I've had a number of phone calls in that time so the actual tally is worse - a single keystroke just consumed 6s and typing
knocked up about 30s of cpu time - most of it after it had managed to autotype the </hello> bit.

My project is less than 5000 loc - although the libraries obviously consume a fair bit.

I have similar behaviour on another machine (but it's the same code, synced)

The project was built with sbt and gen-idea for the intellij stuff.

Any suggestions as to what might make it go faster? I've been experiencing these problems for a couple of weeks - so I don't know if it's related to the latest build or to bringing in all the spray and akka libraries - they both happened around the same time.


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