many, many abstractmethoderrors

since the last few weeks(?), i am getting tons of abstractmethoderrors when opening "older" (not used for a week ro so) projects that worked fine when i opened them last time. compilation still works as expected, but of course everything is red.
these errors happen during the index-phase. invalidating the caches helped, but all my other projects suffer from that and need to be reindexed. i reported some of the exceptions. any idea what is causing them/when they will be fixed?

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Can you post an exception here to make sure it's Scala related? I mean I don't have such issue in my excpetions list, and I don't see it in unprocessed exceptions list, so probably wrong developer got (or probably right one, because it's unrelated to Scala for example).

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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