Running a single test from the context menu

Hi everyone,

According to this

I should be able to run a test from the editor within, say, a FunSuite. But I don't see any context menu item for this.

I can run individual folders of ScalaTests from the context menu in the Project tree though.

Am I doing something wrong?

scalatest_2.9.2 / 2.0.M2

Many thanks!

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I've had some luck doing this by putting the insertion point inside the individual test, and then right-clicking to reveal a run option to run just that test.

Just right-clicking within the test code without putting the insertion point in there first doesn't seem to be enough, it still picks up the context from wherever the insertion point was.

I'm using WordSpec tests on a linux system.

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Hi Maarten,

That's exactly what I am trying to do, but for some reason there is no context menu item relating to ScalaTest for me.

I do see:

"Compile '...MyClass.scala' (Ctrl + Shift + F9)
Run Scala Console (Ctrl + Shift + D)

but no test-related options.

It's a new install of 11.1.3 Ultimate on Windows 7.

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ScalaTest 2.0.M2 integration doesn't work yet. You can use older ScalaTest version.

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Ah, sorry - thanks very much! That solved it for me.


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