Jumping to line numbers from exception stack trace


I am using IDEA 11.1.2 CE with plugin 0.5.907. When an exception is thrown, I can click on some files within the stack trace and jump to the file/line related to that part of the trace (links are shown in blue) but others I cannot (links are shown in gray).  Instead, when I click on the file name / line number from the trace inside the Run frame I am taken to an outline of the .class file with "Sources not found" at the top. After pointing IDEA to the source by trying "Attach Sources", I am still told that sources are not found.  Strangely, this doesn't happen with all files in my project.  From the same stack trace I am able to jump to source of files that do not show the .scala extension.

Can anyone point me to the problem here?


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You can try to attach sources to the library using Project settings dialog.
As for action "Attach sources" I'll check it after vacation.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

I should have been more clear, these parts of the stack trace do not come from classes in a library but are part of my project output.  After poking around a bit more I found that setting the compiler output path to the path that SBT is using for compiler output seems to have solved the problem.


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