Scala 2.10.0 M3

Hello. In Scala 2.10.0 M3 we're going to have manifests (but not class manifests) tied to the new Scala reflection mechanism.

At the moment, our implementation of Scala reflection requires scala-compiler.jar to be on the classpath of the classloader that loads scala-compiler.jar. We're planning to remedy this problem before the final release, but this is the best what we can do for now. Here's a thread that discusses the problem and tracks its status:

If you're going to update the plugin for M3, please, take this peculiarity into account. If you need any help, drop me a line at any time.

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Status update: we've almost fixed the issues, and I also met with Alexander Podkhalyuzin at Scala Days, and he told me that the trouble won't even touch the Scala plugin for IDEA. Hence we're good!


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