Test Reporter not working for rake test


 Just upgraded to 2016.1, now when running the rake test task (from the IDE), I get that message in the console:

RubyMine reporter works only if it test was launched using RubyMine IDE or TeamCity CI server !!!
Using default results reporter...


If you use right click and select test from the context menu, then the reporter is working as expected.

Was this functionality removed in 2016.1 or am I missing something stupid?



Hello, Yves, 

sorry for the delay. As far as I understood if you run your tests from the project view (the whole folder or just a single test), it works, right? Could you please make a screenshot of the Run configuration for rake test (Configuration and Bundler tabs). In addition, please attach your Gemfile.


Hi Olga,

That's OK, the problem disappeared after a computer reboot. I assume that something went slightly wrong during the installation and that it required a reboot. Please close the issue.



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