IntellliJ Scala plugin - excellent work !

Hello to everyone,

I've loved the Scala language since I saw it for the first time. Since I am the type of coder, who relies on assistance of IDE and who has been spoiled by IntelliJ for many years, jumping from Java to Scala was very hard.
In Scala, I did a small pet project In Sep 2009 and a bunch of testing scripts in Dec 2010, both using IntelliJ. I abandoned both mostly because of the lack of a full featured IDE.

Now, two weeks ago, I presented Scala to developers in our company in an informal learning session. I installed the Scala plugin and evaluated it for the third time. And I must say, I was very impressed !
The improvment is huge, type inference and code completion simply works and I felt almost as productive as in Java. The weekend, that I spent preparing example source codes for the presentation was an enjoyable one.

Let me say a big thanks to developers of the plugin, your work is very impressive.

A side note: I really love inspections in IntelliJ. I am confident to say, that they alone taught me to write a "clean" Java code and understand its necessity.
Scala plugin already has quite a few and I really hope, that with the help of community, the collection of Scala inspections will grow.

With regards,

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Thank you for kind words. It's really inspiring to move on to make it much better than we have now.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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I concur. I just recently starting learning and using Scala at my job and after using Visual Studio for the last 7 years I was worried I would be moving to an IDE I would dislike but I actually like IDEA quite a bit and love how the Scala plugin works with it. So many great features I don't know where to start, I'm still learning about new features every day.

Thanks guys!


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