Am I misunderstanding the use of the FSC ?

I can use the FSC and it works if I say change something internal to a class.

But if I chnage, say the name of a class via a refactor in intellij and then just run the test cases.

It all fails with various expceptions about missing types etc.

I have to manually force a rebuild to get it all working again.

Bug or a misunderstanding ??


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Actually appears to be happening on any second compile.

Is something corrupt ??


Sorry - ignore that - stupidly had sbt running at the same time.

Now just need to work out how to delete the thread :)

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Recompilation should work fine.

Is there a simple way to reproduce the problem (a sequence of steps, a sample project, etc)?

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Sorry, just ignore me or delete the thread.

As per my edit I had sbt with compile running in the background by accident.

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OK, no problem :)


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