What does it mean to get "Compiler internal error" but then for the compile to proceed?

When I compile, I first get the error:

Error:Compiler internal error. Process terminated with exit code 1

But then compile continuous, I get some more errors (maybe) and then get the three Information messages that get inserted /before/ the internal error

Information:Compilation completed with 101 errors and 0 warnings

Information:101 errors

Information:0 warnings

Error:Compiler internal error. Process terminated with exit code 1


    Error:Error:line (15)error: not found: type OnStateWhileProducingPartsRule

val rule = new OnStateWhileProducingPartsRule[Program](


    Error:Error:line (18)error: not found: type PartsUpdating

The above happens when doing a full compile of a module. When I compile just one file I only get the internal error.

This is with idea11 and plugin44
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So actually this happens with idea10 as well. But only with scala 2.8.1. With 2.9.1 compiles work. So it looks like maybe a regression with FSC and 2.8.1.


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