Plugin getting Slower on each new nightly build


I was happy using the nightlies, but this week, things are starting to get dead slow. Really. On each new update, it seems to get slower to the point that I cannot use the plugin. I need to go back another version. It must be some recent change; Looking forward to see next releases. Thanks.

Btw, I tried using the plugin on Nika, too many errors.


After upgrading plugin for IDEA 11 I'll check your concerns about performance. Thank you.
Current plugin is not compatible with IDEA 11. Sorry for inconveniences, it will be compatible soon.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


Hello, Thank for the response. I noticed I was using scala 2.9.1 exactly on the last few days. That's why it 'became' so slow. I switched back to 2.8.1 and now it's usable, but still slow, for instance, a completion for a variable takes 4s to show.

With 2.9.1, even simple actions like editing comments are unusably slow.

Looking forward for the next versions. Btw, your plugin is way better than eclipse's or netbeans, congratulations.


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