Scala Facet has no configuration?

Hi all,

I'm trying out the Scala plugin for the first time. After enabling it and restarting IDEA, it seems to properly recognize Scala files (syntax coloring is correct, I can click through files, etc.)

I see that it even created a Run Configuration for the Scala Console. I added my project's module to it, but when I try to run it, I get "Error running Scala Console: No Scala facet configured for module swicketjpa".

I popped open the Facets settings for my project, and there's a Scala Facet, but when I select it, I just get a blank panel:


Is there anything to configure for this Facet? Thanks for your help.

PS: this is with Xena IU-107.509.

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Well clicking "+" should have been obvious. :-)

Now I have the following:


I'm using Maven to configure the project, but unfortunately the facet only seems to allow me to choose a single jar file for such a configuration; I can specify either the scala-library jar, OR the scala-compiler jar, but not both. How can I specify both?

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I needed to configure the maven-scala-plugin, as described here.


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