I don't think my reported exceptions are showing up

When an exception occurs in the ide I usually click on the red symbol and report it to jetbrains using my account. A green bubble comes up at the top saying that the report has been received properly.

When I go into the scala bug tracker, I can never find the exceptions I've reported.

Is there something wrong or are they maybe duplicates and so thrown away?

Thanks, Nick.

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It's separate internal exception analyzer. We use it to detect duplicate exceptions. Duplicate exceptions are not thrown away, they are collected. So if I see too much same exceptions from different users I know, that it's critical and has top priority.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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Hi Nick,

You can actually see your own exceptions here:

Login is either your YouTrack login, or the Confluence one (I forgot which).


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thanks, my exceptions are there.



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