Java/Scaladoc * alignment?

In this commen below, I pressed enter after the last word ("supported") and the "*" for the new line is indented one more than I expect.
This didn't use to behave this way. Is there a new setting that I can't find somewhere? Is the scaladoc conventions different from the
javadoc conventions?

   * We select for the condition event direclty because we don't have a mechanism to either pull the single
   * event value from the state or to pass a multi-event input to the parts function. One or both of these
   * will eventually be supported.

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Yes, scaladoc2 convetions different from javadoc.See
There are setting to change this behavior to old one: Settings -> Code Style -> Spacing -> Scala -> Use ScalaDoc2 formatting options.

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Alexander Podkhlayuzin.


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